This interior design project has been just signed off by the client and the construction now starts on the site.




  • Idea This project is all about creating a cosy, warm and comfortable family space comprised of a kitchen, dining area and a living room. All interiors were carefully designed to infuse light and modern core theme with traditional English styling to bring cosiness, sentiment and personal expression.
  • Kitchen Open plan kitchen is split into two zones: work area with a bar table and a dining lounge. Work area has everything you need to enjoy quality food preparation and cooking, with extra storage provided in bespoke cupboards and a large storage room adjoining the kitchen. Bar table allows family and guests to join the cooking process or just enjoy themselves and socialise. It can be also used for breakfasts or as an extra worktop space. In the dining lounge you can relax and have a proper family meal, party with guests or use comfortable sofa to get into reading or listening to music.
  • Living room This room has a strong connection with kitchen/dining area through the wide arch. It builds further into the public zone with more sofas surrounding a fireplace, still offering some privacy to sit aside and switch your eyesight into a beautiful perspective of the garden.
  • Highlights and accents We kept the colour scheme consistent through the whole space to create a unified and coherent emotional connection from the interior. Design stands out with the professionally modelled light, providing a complex atmosphere of warm brightness mixed with shades spreading through the walls and curtains, supporting two scenarios of dimmed evening lights and luminous daylight. Few corners were quite dark initially, so we used large mirrors to create an impression of windows overseeing the garden (as the mirrors do actually reflect the real garden). In the private zone of the living room we provided a small desk which could be used as mobile work place.